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Here I will update based on my personal training videos.

I will post articles and information from both my experience and from other incredible trainers from all across the globe!

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We must redefine failure if we are to achieve greatness. I think its important to clarify that failure is not quitting on something. And just the same quitting generally does not make you a failure. Everyone has quit on something, both good and bad. You can quit on smoking or drinking and be a very successful quitter. A quitter is not always a bad thing.

Failure is defined as “a lack of success,” but it goes mush deeper than that. True failure, is when one puts his/her whole heart into achieving something and not accomplishing their goal. Its when every fiber, every last ounce of energy has been used up in its entirety. When you scratch the the very bottom of what lies within you and come short… That is true failure. No matter what you could have possibly done could have changed the outcome of a particular event at a particular point in time.

People often say that failed at something, when in reality, they just gave up. Failure is used in so many different quotes and sayings, but people often forget what that really means. Failure is a good thing. Failure has to be earned and very few people ever experience true failure. Putting ones whole heart and every molecule of strength they can muster to a particular goal and coming up short. The defeating feeling that conquers so many.

The one’s who truly fail in this manner and get back up, will be the rulers of this world. Only they will be the true leader’s and hero’s of my generation. I heard a good quote about weightlifting. A famous bodybuilder once said, “If you have never done a set of bicep curls and thought about quitting weightlifting and never coming back, you do not know failure or hard work.” Thats true failure.

I encourage you to fail today, and to stand back up.



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                                            “A goal without a plan is just a wish” – Larry Elder

         Todays topic is goal setting and it is one of the most important parts of health and fitness. People who do not set goals, never get the satisfaction of achievement when they improve themselves. They never get to enjoy the great high of seeing where you came from to be where you are. Goals are of dire importance to anyone looking to improve themselves. The following are some tips and strategies for goal setting.

First off, and most importantly, you need to ask yourself, “What do I want?” This is the key question and and a fundamental part of life. “What do I want?” Some people I train just want to stay in decent shape, others want to look like supermodels. Whatever it is that your chasing after, you need to identify and crystalize it in a way that is helpful to you. Here are some common ways to do this:
     1. Put a picture of what you look like in a place you will see it everyday and label it “before.” This will identify what you look like and right next to it put a picture up of your goal. A good place to start would be to pick a famous celebrity and put them up there. Everyday when you look at these pictures you will be reminded of what you want. I recommend putting it on the fridge to help resist that late night snack.

    2. Make your goals in simple numerical terms. A good goal would be: I want to loose 10lbs and shrink my waist by 2inches. A bad goal would be: I want to look thinner and healthier.

     3. Be careful. Setting your goals too low will make you unhappy with the results, but setting them too high can make it seem impossible and cause you to give up. Set realistic goals that will make you push yourself without causing you to stress about results.

How I did it: My own personal goals are based on one of the most famous body builders in history named Steve Reeves. He was well know for having one of the best physiques in the world. A based my goal measurements of the “reeves calculator” found here: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/drobson207.htm  

Its about that time…

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I think, at times, you have to ask yourself, how bad do you want something? What would you give up in order to have something even better? When push comes to shove… how motivated are we really?

I should take sometime to apologize for a few things and discuss a new route I am headed in. 
I created this blog for 2 things, to help people get in good shape, and to keep myself accountable. Right now I am kind of mad where I am at, but I will fix it. I have not been cheating on my workouts, but I have been cheating on my diet. By binging like a drunken fratstar lately, I have been taking on setbacks. Its time to step up and sacrifice what I want for something I want more. 
No more drinking until spring break and then after that, no more drinking until summer. Drinking negatively effects the two most important things in my life right now, God and my body. If I want success I am going to have to give it up for awhile. 

Body Types

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My first topic of choice is something that needs to be discussed as a starting point for anyone attempting to go on the quest to “perfection:” Body Types. Body types are a form of genetic disposition that we are automatically given at birth. “Everyone is created equal,” yes in God’s eyes I’m sure you are, but genetically we are not. Its time to accept what we are and find the best solution possible to reach our goals and desires. Here are the three body types.

1. Ectomorph: Ectomorphs are naturally skinny and tall. They have a beyond fast metabolism that keeps them skinny and are built with very little definition. Narrow shoulders and thin arms and legs.
          -High Metabolism, very hard to gain fat
          -Usually very tall
           -Fast metabolism makes it very hard to gain muscle
           -Strength is harder to come by with longer joints. Longer the reach, harder the rep.

2. Endomorph: Endomorphs are defined by their natural large size. They can be tall or short and have a very slow metabolism. Built large and round with wide definitions, opposite of ectomorph.
           -Very easily gain muscle
           -The strongest build of the 3. Stronger than Mesomorph
           -Slow metabolism makes fat gain very easy. Difficult to shed weight.
           -Larger weight puts stress on joints.

3. Mesomorph: Mesomorphs are naturally built very strong and muscular. Natural bodybuilders and weightlifters. Great muscle tone in both sexes.
             -Gain muscle easily and great body tone.
             -Most attractive body build, naturally toned.
             -Generally short and not built with any height
             -Gain fat quicker than Ectomorphs. Have to watch diet.

What am I?
You can take a quiz on this website: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/becker3.htm or you can take your wrist and wrap your middle finger and try and touch your thumb. If your fingers overlap you are probably a ectomorph, if they barely touch mesomorph, and if they do not come close to touching endomorph.

Dont Worry!!! Just because you fit into a certain body type does not mean you can not achieve an incredible you. I am an ectomorph, I am naturally built like a twig that got it on with a celery stick. But I am now 6’2 210lbs and gaining. You can change and here are some hints how.

Ectomorph: You need mass amounts of food at all times. You stomach is virtually indestructible, but in order to gain muscle you are going to need to consume lots of good carbs and protein. Take Whey protein after you workout and Casein protein before you go to bed. EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT. Also spend less time on cardio more time on the weights. Girls need to focus on eating lots of protein to gain a more of an hourglass build. Beans, chili, chicken, lean beef, and many others.

Endomorph: You need to watch yourself. Hidden underneath that blub is an INCREDIBLY strong and fit body. You have to watch your fat intake. No sodas and No fried foods would be a great start for you. Eat lean meats and do not worry about protein shakes. RUN RUN RUN RUN. Cardio will expose the beautiful you. Less time on weights, more cardio. both girls and guys need to do lots of cardio 3-4 times a week. NO FATS. When you eat fat, your body absorbs it very very quickly. Avoid at all cost.

Mesomorph: Your workouts will make or break you, along with fatty foods. Ingest all the carbs and meat you want, but fat effects you much more than the ectomorph. A good balance of cardio and weight training is best for you. Girls, loose belly fat and thigh fat with BOTH weights and running. Carbs before workouts and very little fat in your diet.

Remember, Do not worry about what you are genetically, you can alter what you are following simple steps. Hopefully now you have a better understand of your body type and the best ways to get to the best you possible.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Please comment and follow my blog!!!

Romans 12:1


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Awhile back I was attending a lecture for high school students who wanted to become engineers. It was located at Lockheed Martin and the speaker was Dr. O’neil, President of his branch in Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. O’neil gave a very interesting speech and topic was Perfection. See, Dr. O’neil was explaining to us about missile to missile ware-fare and how the calculation necessary to shoot down a missile, with another missile, is to the .00000000000000000001% column of accuracy. Any greater deviation than that and they would not succeed in destroying in hitting their target. He compared it to hitting a golf ball that is traveling at the speed of light, with, another golf ball. He then looked at us with memorizing confidence in his eyes and said, “Perfection, is what we do here every day. Anything less is unacceptable.

This message got to me. Is perfection really possible? Perhaps not. Even Dr. O’neil admitted that his company can be only 99.99% accurate, but how much closer do you need? I think we first have to redefine perfection to understand what he was saying.

Perfection, in our reality, is not never ever making a mistake, but rather coming as close as possible to never erring. Coming in just under flawless. Being only .000000000000001% away from it. That is what we, here on earth, are capable of.

Sadly, our society tells us otherwise. When we see a beautiful person on a magazine cover what are your first thoughts? Are they: “I wish I looked liked that,” “They are so pretty,” “I’ll never be that skinny,” “Ill never be that strong.” How about: “Its just photoshopped, nobody can look like that,” “That impossible.”

Our immediate reactions to these things is exactly the point of view we need to desperately avoid. Yes, some of the photos are photoshopped and cropped to look perfect, but whats stopping you from getting to 99.999999% of what they look like? The responses need to be: “I can look like that.”

Conclusion: I am going to strive for this “perfection.” To be .0000001% away from flawless. I am going to blog about it here and will come up with an answer to this question. I will push through any workout and eat whatever necessary to get to the best I can possibly become. I will give tips and tricks to help everyone who reads this what works and what does not. Hopefully we can strive for this 99.99% together.

Romans 12:1