Water – Your Doing It Wrong

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Water is one of the most underrated if not most important supplements in today’s world. The importance of water is greatly neglected by most individuals, which which causes them to underperform. This is why it is important and how much water you should be getting daily.


I promise, your not getting enough

As a young buck, when I moved on from college football and started wight lifting, I wanted to continue training and being in shape. I started spending lots of time in the gym and began critiquing my diet. I took protein, ate lots of lean meats, got the right carb intake, and did everything I was told to do. I have never actually preferred cokes over water in my life and always had plenty of water in my system…

Or so I thought,

I watched a video from one of my favorite reference and he talked about water intake. Here is the video:

So here is what I did. I decided I would measure my intake. I would watch how much I drink on a typical day. I WAS SHOCKED to find out how little I was taking in. Probably about half of what I needed to properly digest the nutrients I was taking.



-It’s estimated that a 2% reduction in body fluids can result in performance decreases of up to 15-20% (Kleiner 1999)

-Your body is 70% water, if your not getting enough, you will obviously underperform.

-Water plays a huge role in digestion in the body. Water and enzymes brake down your food and if your not getting enough, your body will not get the nutrition it needs.

-Water will dilute the sugar carbs you drink in sodas, lemonade, iced tea, and in probably every drink you have. It will also lesson your desire for taking in carbs like that

-If your thirsty, your dehydrated. Thats right, if your thirsty you NEED MORE WATER!!


Here is what you should do.

1. Figure out how much water you need:

Here is the best calculater I how found. A simple 10 questions will get you to your answer.


A quicker but less effective calculator.



2. Now you know how much you need! Here is how to count.

Simply head to a local water Walmart or order a $10 water bottle with an ounce calculator on it.

Like This:

3. Keep Track!

– Use you cell phone and keep track of the ounces you have taken in! I promise it is very difficult to keep track in your head. My fitness Pal has an incredible free application for keeping track of your calories and you water.





Be Blessed!



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