Spot Reduction

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Start by watching the video:

It absolutely blows my mind how many myths there are in fitness today. Perhaps even my next video will be entirely dedicated to a small portion of them.

But do not just take it from me, here is a leading expert from ACE fitness:
“Arguably the most compelling evidence refuting the myth of spot reduction comes from a study conducted at the University of Massachusetts in the mid-1980s. In this investigation, 13 male subjects participated in a vigorous abdominal exercise training program for 27 days. Each participant in the study was required to perform a total of 5,000 sit-ups over the course of the research project. Fat biopsies were obtained from the subjects’ abdomens, buttocks and upper backs before and after the exercise program. Contrary to what spot-reducing proponents would have you believe, the results of the study revealed that fat decreased similarly at all three sites—not just in the abdominal region. These findings may help explain one reason why spot reducing sometimes appears to work. If the caloric expenditure is sufficient enough, it will cause fat from the entire body to be reduced, including a particular target area. Although fat is lost or gained throughout the entire body, it appears that the last areas to become lean tend to be those areas where an individual tends to gain fat first. In most men (and some women), the abdominal region is the most difficult area to trim, while the hips, buttocks and thighs tend to be the trouble spots for most women (and some men)
(Source: Bryant, Cedric X. ACE FitnessMatters)

The truth of the matter is that this myth was started for two reasons. 

1. People reduce and gain faster in different areas. This is not based off the workouts you do or the food you ingest, just your particular genetic makeup. So when people started loosing belly fat quicker than other parts of their body people, the myth was born. However, what happened is that more fat gets stored in particular parts of the body and therefore will reduce faster from the largest source. 

2. Sadly, but it was so people could sell you crappy and ridiculous products. Like an ab pulsator that works your abs and reduces fat while you sit. I remember being a very young lad and pointing out to my Aunt how impossible that was. She informed me that the product was pulled less than 2 years later. 

Do not fall prey to this stuff! They keys to looking your best will always be:


More coming soon,


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