Water – Your Doing It Wrong

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Water is one of the most underrated if not most important supplements in today’s world. The importance of water is greatly neglected by most individuals, which which causes them to underperform. This is why it is important and how much water you should be getting daily.


I promise, your not getting enough

As a young buck, when I moved on from college football and started wight lifting, I wanted to continue training and being in shape. I started spending lots of time in the gym and began critiquing my diet. I took protein, ate lots of lean meats, got the right carb intake, and did everything I was told to do. I have never actually preferred cokes over water in my life and always had plenty of water in my system…

Or so I thought,

I watched a video from one of my favorite reference and he talked about water intake. Here is the video:

So here is what I did. I decided I would measure my intake. I would watch how much I drink on a typical day. I WAS SHOCKED to find out how little I was taking in. Probably about half of what I needed to properly digest the nutrients I was taking.



-It’s estimated that a 2% reduction in body fluids can result in performance decreases of up to 15-20% (Kleiner 1999)

-Your body is 70% water, if your not getting enough, you will obviously underperform.

-Water plays a huge role in digestion in the body. Water and enzymes brake down your food and if your not getting enough, your body will not get the nutrition it needs.

-Water will dilute the sugar carbs you drink in sodas, lemonade, iced tea, and in probably every drink you have. It will also lesson your desire for taking in carbs like that

-If your thirsty, your dehydrated. Thats right, if your thirsty you NEED MORE WATER!!


Here is what you should do.

1. Figure out how much water you need:

Here is the best calculater I how found. A simple 10 questions will get you to your answer.


A quicker but less effective calculator.



2. Now you know how much you need! Here is how to count.

Simply head to a local water Walmart or order a $10 water bottle with an ounce calculator on it.

Like This:

3. Keep Track!

– Use you cell phone and keep track of the ounces you have taken in! I promise it is very difficult to keep track in your head. My fitness Pal has an incredible free application for keeping track of your calories and you water.





Be Blessed!


Arsenic in your protein?

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I know there are a lot of people out there who take protein powders as a supplement. This is a great way to reach your macro nutrient needs. However, you really need to reconsider buying cheap protein powders. Here’s Why:


You get what you pay for. And if you are looking to age faster and die soon then take the cheap stuff.

nuff said,


Im sure I do not have to tell you not to eat chicken nuggets, but just in case you were considering it –




Bad Advice 102

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Like always start with the clip!



Sure, it is easy to say that their is bad advice out there, but for my MANY readers, how do we avoid it – Especially when it comes to fitness.

Well I worked on 3 simple rules to follow in the fitness industry.

1. What is this persons experience in the industry. 

Personally, I do not believe in pieces of paper that tell me I’m qualified. Yes, I have my personal training certification from a great program, but that was for my clients assurance. Just because someone can pass a test does not mean they have ANY right to be teaching a topic.


2. Is their information up to date?

One of my favorite stories is how they used to give football players salt pills, instead of water, for football practice. Now we would never do this for obvious reasons, but only the most up to date information is relevant.


3. Most importantly in the fitness industry, WHAT DO THEY LOOK LIKE?

Their is some vanity behind it, but if you can not look the part you have no right to teach the subject. End of Story.



Here are the people I get some of MY information from because they look the part!! And have experience!!!


Guy is 40 almost 50 years old and looks like that. HIS OPINION MATTERS!


Zuzana from BodyRock http://www.bodyrock.tv/



These people know what they are doing and deserve your attention.



Me and the University of California Davis Nutrition head. Dr. Hackman! 🙂


Remember to always consider where you are getting your advice from,



Bad Advice 101

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Follow this link to scooby’s website for more tips. Blog update coming before 4pm today

Spot Reduction

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Start by watching the video:

It absolutely blows my mind how many myths there are in fitness today. Perhaps even my next video will be entirely dedicated to a small portion of them.

But do not just take it from me, here is a leading expert from ACE fitness:
“Arguably the most compelling evidence refuting the myth of spot reduction comes from a study conducted at the University of Massachusetts in the mid-1980s. In this investigation, 13 male subjects participated in a vigorous abdominal exercise training program for 27 days. Each participant in the study was required to perform a total of 5,000 sit-ups over the course of the research project. Fat biopsies were obtained from the subjects’ abdomens, buttocks and upper backs before and after the exercise program. Contrary to what spot-reducing proponents would have you believe, the results of the study revealed that fat decreased similarly at all three sites—not just in the abdominal region. These findings may help explain one reason why spot reducing sometimes appears to work. If the caloric expenditure is sufficient enough, it will cause fat from the entire body to be reduced, including a particular target area. Although fat is lost or gained throughout the entire body, it appears that the last areas to become lean tend to be those areas where an individual tends to gain fat first. In most men (and some women), the abdominal region is the most difficult area to trim, while the hips, buttocks and thighs tend to be the trouble spots for most women (and some men)
(Source: Bryant, Cedric X. ACE FitnessMatters)

The truth of the matter is that this myth was started for two reasons. 

1. People reduce and gain faster in different areas. This is not based off the workouts you do or the food you ingest, just your particular genetic makeup. So when people started loosing belly fat quicker than other parts of their body people, the myth was born. However, what happened is that more fat gets stored in particular parts of the body and therefore will reduce faster from the largest source. 

2. Sadly, but it was so people could sell you crappy and ridiculous products. Like an ab pulsator that works your abs and reduces fat while you sit. I remember being a very young lad and pointing out to my Aunt how impossible that was. She informed me that the product was pulled less than 2 years later. 

Do not fall prey to this stuff! They keys to looking your best will always be:


More coming soon,

The Human Body: Body Types

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The Human Body: Body Types: My first topic of choice is something that needs to be discussed as a starting point for anyone attempting to go on the quest to “perfection…


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Here I will update based on my personal training videos.

I will post articles and information from both my experience and from other incredible trainers from all across the globe!

Next Post will be up by Wednesday!

Have a Blessed day!



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We must redefine failure if we are to achieve greatness. I think its important to clarify that failure is not quitting on something. And just the same quitting generally does not make you a failure. Everyone has quit on something, both good and bad. You can quit on smoking or drinking and be a very successful quitter. A quitter is not always a bad thing.

Failure is defined as “a lack of success,” but it goes mush deeper than that. True failure, is when one puts his/her whole heart into achieving something and not accomplishing their goal. Its when every fiber, every last ounce of energy has been used up in its entirety. When you scratch the the very bottom of what lies within you and come short… That is true failure. No matter what you could have possibly done could have changed the outcome of a particular event at a particular point in time.

People often say that failed at something, when in reality, they just gave up. Failure is used in so many different quotes and sayings, but people often forget what that really means. Failure is a good thing. Failure has to be earned and very few people ever experience true failure. Putting ones whole heart and every molecule of strength they can muster to a particular goal and coming up short. The defeating feeling that conquers so many.

The one’s who truly fail in this manner and get back up, will be the rulers of this world. Only they will be the true leader’s and hero’s of my generation. I heard a good quote about weightlifting. A famous bodybuilder once said, “If you have never done a set of bicep curls and thought about quitting weightlifting and never coming back, you do not know failure or hard work.” Thats true failure.

I encourage you to fail today, and to stand back up.



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                                            “A goal without a plan is just a wish” – Larry Elder

         Todays topic is goal setting and it is one of the most important parts of health and fitness. People who do not set goals, never get the satisfaction of achievement when they improve themselves. They never get to enjoy the great high of seeing where you came from to be where you are. Goals are of dire importance to anyone looking to improve themselves. The following are some tips and strategies for goal setting.

First off, and most importantly, you need to ask yourself, “What do I want?” This is the key question and and a fundamental part of life. “What do I want?” Some people I train just want to stay in decent shape, others want to look like supermodels. Whatever it is that your chasing after, you need to identify and crystalize it in a way that is helpful to you. Here are some common ways to do this:
     1. Put a picture of what you look like in a place you will see it everyday and label it “before.” This will identify what you look like and right next to it put a picture up of your goal. A good place to start would be to pick a famous celebrity and put them up there. Everyday when you look at these pictures you will be reminded of what you want. I recommend putting it on the fridge to help resist that late night snack.

    2. Make your goals in simple numerical terms. A good goal would be: I want to loose 10lbs and shrink my waist by 2inches. A bad goal would be: I want to look thinner and healthier.

     3. Be careful. Setting your goals too low will make you unhappy with the results, but setting them too high can make it seem impossible and cause you to give up. Set realistic goals that will make you push yourself without causing you to stress about results.

How I did it: My own personal goals are based on one of the most famous body builders in history named Steve Reeves. He was well know for having one of the best physiques in the world. A based my goal measurements of the “reeves calculator” found here: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/drobson207.htm